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“MEBLOBICZ” company was established and started its operation in February 2006. As a new company it has been expanding dynamically on the high quality furniture producers market.

The company specializes in the manufacture of upholstered chairs, armchairs, and sofas. The production in 95% is sold on export markets of Holland, Germany, Italy, and the Czech Republic. The remaining amount goes to individual customers from all over Poland.

The production of such a wide assortment is based on both our own and our clients designs. For the manufacture only proven materials, upholstery fabric, and leathers are used by highly qualified employees and that guarantees our furniture remarkable quality, reliability and on time production.

To meet the demands of our customers, “MEBLOBICZ” company allows the customers to choose both the sort and the colour of the upholstery material and legs as well. The wide line of the upholstery fabrics, environmental friendly and natural leather makes it possible to fully meet the requirements of each customer. Additionally to traditional fabrics or leather we upholster furniture using the “lloyd loom” technique and then varnished in any colour.

All who want to have their furniture different than the others are invited to mutual cooperation.

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